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Duration: June 2018 – August 2020


  1. Create a soft skills framework
  2. Create a prototype that would allow users to validate their NC skills and help them create a learning road map according to their occupation of preference
  3. Provide tools to motivate the specific target group
  4. Test in EU level

A 2-year project funded by DG Connect (EC-Europa funding body) with a total of 7 European partners, eGovlab Stockholm University (Sweden), Eurecat (Spain), DMC Metrix (Ireland), Universidad de Alcalá (Spain), Everis (Spain), Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and Trinity College Dublin (Ireland).

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my main roles in the SkillsMatch project

UX Research & Design

I investigated the users’ wants, needs and expectations which ultimately lead me to deliver a solid structure of the prototype. User-centricity, usability and usefulness were my main concerns.

IxD & UI

I created the desktop and prototype where I gave extra weight to information architecture. In my UI role, my priorities were to create an aesthetically pleasing and easy to use  environment.

Dissemination Leader

I created the communication and stakeholders strategy plans which helped us to meet our objectives and KPIs. Moreover, I was the creative brains behind the brand and the overall look & feel.

What I Did

Working in an EU project can be very demanding and challenging but also rewarding in the experiences you gain. For the SkillsMatch project, I had to wear different hats to accommodate the needs of both the project and our team. The coordination of the project was under our team in eGovlab Stockholm University which means that we put together the concept idea, gathered the consortium, and wrote the proposal. Throughout the duration of the project, I was actively involved in the product design and I was assisting in the coordination when needed.

Being allocated in the specific roles I had the advantage to create my own roadmap inside the project.  With a bird’s-eye view of all the project components, I was able to make robust decisions for advancing both the business layer and the end-user.

You can find the live resources by following the below links:

Live websites
Desktop platform
Informational website

Prototypes in Invision
Desktop prototype
App prototype

how i combined Ux with ixd and ui

I combined the process of three areas;  User Experience (UX) research and design, Interaction Design (IxD) and User Interface (UI) design. Those three dimensions were applied from the initial steps of the project to reinforce the user-centric process, allowing the technical team to frame the users’ needs vis-a-vis the technical solution and the project’s objectives. I was well aware from the beginning that this task was demanding for a single person but being the solo UXer/IxDer/UIer is something that I have done in the past and I have the experience to structure my work. However, every project has its own unique characteristics and challenges, my approach is to bring my experience on board but at the same time grab the opportunity to explore, apply and test new methods and techniques.

“The contribution to the State of the Art in NC skills work is high in two main areas: the creation of the Style Guide and the development of the Platform with subsequent validation of functionality. This work has not been completed before and its contribution to the common goal across the European Community of tackling the complexity, and eventual resolution, of problems related to skills assessment, matching and learned improvement, for all Member States is significant.”

Final Review comments, DG Connect

Icons are great!!! Love 'em all! Honestly, in the flipping card game, I was just flipping cards without really reading through them.

Pilot participant's comment, 2nd Pilot Testing in Action

- Easy to navigate
- Happy to move from one section to another
- Clear and understandable
- ePortfolio meets my goals because I will be able to show my soft skills ranking, I can have peers to validate me and also recommendations
- I enjoyed the awareness section because I learned more but it was also fun to use.

Pilot participant's comment, Personal interview 2nd pilot

I appreciate your work on SkillsMatch it's an amazing and constructive system. I believe it could be the basic set when building your CV and it should be done before moving to LinkedIn.

Pilot participant's comment, Personal interview 2nd pilot