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Explore the case study I have prepared for my latest project. My previous work is also added here.

Featured Project

ux design & research
Interaction design & UI
dissemination leader

I had a multidisciplinary role in this very prestigious EU project. My involvement ranged from contributing in the system’s design and requirements, building the user experience design and research, interaction design, data analysis, content strategy, to workshops facilitator and leading the dissemination team.

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my recent work

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UX/UI design
scrum master


ux design
dissemination advisor

co-inform plugin

ux/ui design
info architecture


ux & UI design
Front-end developer

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my previous work


  • Teamleader
  • UX & UI Design
  • Front-end developer

A 3 yeat EU H2020 project mapping the infrastructure in Subsaharan Africa.

Botswana Speaks

  • Teamleader
  • UX & UI Design
  • Front-end developer

Started as an EU-funded project but it is now bought by the Botswana government. The aim of the project is to enhance democracy through public participation.

older but not forgotten

A selection of my older work where my role was the team leader, the UX & UI designer and front-end developer.

"I have worked with Mary and have never before been so impressed by a colleague, both in terms of her capacity and skills at her job, but also as a team player and someone who made it fun to work with! In her work as a UX designer and project lead, she has demonstrated leadership skills and critical insights that have led the project to success. She has always been an advocate for the team but always keeping the project's goals in mind. Her judgement and expertise have always made her a professional in the true sense and I for one, am very grateful for my time with her in projects, as well as a colleague in the office who always made it fun to come to work!"

Somya Joshi, Head of Unit: Governance & Institutions — Stockholm Environment Institute

"Maria is definatly the best colleague that I could wish for! she is not just an amazing interface designer or a brilliant designer but far more important, for me she is a great team player. Flexible enough to let brainstorming grow and determined and professional to get the task done."

Pooyeh Mobini, Senior Project Manager in SCANIA

"I have worked with Maria for 7 years; I was the Director of Programme Development and Maria was in my team as Head of Design and we collaborated in more than a few European and international projects. As a professional, Maria is charismatic. She has a deep and thorough knowledge of her craft and in a ever-changing field she was always up to date with all new, modern and updated technologies."

Gregory Liongaridis LPC, CPC, Corporate Communications & CSR Manager at Aegean Motorway S.A.

"Maria is a self-motivated UI designer, with an eye for detail and the goal of creating interfaces that stand out and users love. I've had the opportunity of working with her on several projects and she has delivered every single time. I would be thrilled to work with her again in the future!"

Eleftherios Chamakiotis, Software Engineer at SCYTL

"Maria is a great designer and a hard working colleague. I had the pleasure of working with her for a year at Stockholm University/eGovlab, collaborating on the same project team in which she displayed remarkable organizational, analytical and team-playing skills apart from her skills as a designer. She always strives to provide the most thorough and efficient solution that matches the requirements of the clients and the complexities of each project. Maria would be an asset to any team."

Nikos Zeris, Founder & CEO at Crystalweb