I’m Maria

A UX Designer

What i do

Defining the user's story

Understanding and defining the user’s needs & wants, their frustrations & motivations. I communicate the findings to the team to build the requirements.

Design artifacts

Starting from user flows to wireframes, content strategy and information architecture all the way to prototyping to test the concept, user journey and functionality.

Pixel perfect

My process is creating screens and applying high detail UIs. With my toolkit, I have managed excellent collaboration between international teams.

Team leader

I understand the developer’s language and the business language. I have effective communication skills and a positive attitude approach to problems.

Design Thinking

My role is throughout the design process. I work in a non-linear way and I enjoy agility as a workflow and as a state of mind.


Either as a facilitator or as a participant I consider co-creation as the cornerstone of collaboration and innovation.

About Me

I uploaded my first website back in 1999 with the help of Dreamweaver’s manual. Back then I was just fascinated by the idea and the possibilities I could imagine of the web. I pursued my education on technology starting from software engineering but ending up discovering my passion in design and communicating with the user. 

For the last year, I have been very passionate about AI/ML on the new possibilities and discoveries they are opening up in the UX field .